Friday, July 25, 2008

Let's Condemn the Hindi Devotion of Pramananda Jha

While writing this piece, I am feeling very ashamed. The person, who was downgraded from the Supreme Court judge to the district Court due to his suspicious decision to give the clear chit to the drug smuggler Dil Bahadur Gurung, is now in the post of the vice president of the nation. Yes, I am talking Mr. Parmananda Jha the most criticized judge during his time in Supreme Court. While he was judge, he did the decision in favor of the smuggler who was caught red hand by police in the Airport. After downgrading also his bench was boycotted by the layer in Biratnagar saying the he was corrupted. Due to which he had to take the indefinite leave until his retirement. After his retirement he joined the amless and philosophy less party Madeshi Janaadhikar Forum. Forgetting his blacklisted past,The new coalition of CPN (UML), Nepali Congress and other short vision political parties put him in the position of first vice president of Nepal. Isn't it the matter of ashamed?!
Just after his victory in the post, he has dishonored the motherland and his own mother tongue Maithili. When he administered the oath of the Vice President, he was clad in a dress many identify with Indian parliamentarians, the latter preferred to take it in Hindi. It would not be the matter of condemn if he took the oath in his mother tongue Maithili. But he was speaking in such a way that he was an Indian minister rather than the first vice-president of Republic Nepal.
According to an independent statistics, only 0.05 percent of people living in Terai speak Hindi. The majority of the people there speak Bhojpuri, Maithali, Avadhi and other local dialects. However, even other Madhesi leaders prefer to mostly speak in Hindi during the parliamentary proceedings also.
So I think that this is a matter of grate concern which has put at risk the sovereignty of our country. Don't you think so?????
If yes,
Let's condemn the love for Indian language of the vice president and Madeshi leaders!!!!!!

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