Sunday, July 13, 2008

Armed forces ring Nepalgunj Riot Police Battalion

Demanding action against corrupt officials and better treatment of junior staffs Scores of personnel of Armed Police Force and Nepal Police have ringed the Riot Police Battalion in Nepalgunj where 'rebellious' junior police officials holding seven senior officials hostage have been holed up. The District Administration of Banke has declared the surrounding areas around the battalion as riot-torn area and has restricted normal movement of people there. The armed policemen ringing the battalion have not yet brought the rebellious unit to control. As the policemen in the battalion are armed and appear on standby position, the policemen from outside could not immediately intervene to rescue the hostages. Security officials have said that they are ringing the area in order to make the rebellious policemen surrender and not to allow them to flee. Reinforcements from Dang and Surkhet districts have been brought to bring the situation under control. Some reports say that chopper of Nepali Army also made aerial review of the situation. Senior security officials are holding discussion at the Home Ministry to decide ways to deal with the situation. Earlier, Home Minister Krishna Sitaula had instructed Inspector General of Police (IGP) Om Bikram Rana to take disciplinary action against rebellious policemen. He instructed the police chief to ensure maintenance of chain of command and discipline in the entire police force. The junior policemen of the battalion – probably taking a cue from similar revolt in Shamshergunj battalion of Armed Police Force (APF) less than a month ago – held their seniors hostage putting forth 29-

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