Saturday, July 26, 2008

In favor of Government in CPN Maoists’ Leadership

This peace of writing was aroused in me while I was very much worried about the future of peace process and the future of the nation itself.
The politics has changed its direction since the election of president and vice president. I said it has been changed because the politics took the path of majority and minority breaking the culture of consensus. The purpose of going to the simple majority in spite of two third majorities was to break the politics of consensus. Though Maoist was resisting this provision at first, it could not remain firm in its stand. So the provision of simple majority to elect the top positions of the nation and to form the government was included in the 5th amendment of interim constitution. After that amendment, the Nepali politics headed towards the same way of so called democratic period of 1990 to 2006.
Again the politics of betrayal and disloyalty had started. The three party’s alliance of NC, CPN (UML) and MJAF was formed in the last hour of the election of the president. The coalition became success to elect the president and his vice of their candidates. I have already mentioned my disappointment with the person in the post of vice president. So the first mistake of this coalition was to elect the controversial person in such a position.
Now the coalition is making mistakes by claiming the right to form the government in the name of mathematical majority. Even they are acting as they have forgotten the result of the CA election! The verdict of the people in the election is very clear which is, form the government in the leadership of Maoists with common agreements among all the parties. I think this was the mandate of the Election. But some of the leaders of the three parties’ alliance are claiming for their leadership in the government.
This is the matter of great concern. If such a government formed excluding Maoists, it would be the great mistake in the History and the misfortune for the country. I think it is not easy to run the country excluding Maoists because they will not remain silent. They will be forced to take the offensive actions against such government. That may be in any form. Ultimately, that will invite a different type of conflict which will be very harmful for the peace process and constitution making process. The country will again be the hostage of uncertainty.

At last, if we are questing the real democracy and we want peace, lets raise the voices in favor of Maoists government!!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Let's Condemn the Hindi Devotion of Pramananda Jha

While writing this piece, I am feeling very ashamed. The person, who was downgraded from the Supreme Court judge to the district Court due to his suspicious decision to give the clear chit to the drug smuggler Dil Bahadur Gurung, is now in the post of the vice president of the nation. Yes, I am talking Mr. Parmananda Jha the most criticized judge during his time in Supreme Court. While he was judge, he did the decision in favor of the smuggler who was caught red hand by police in the Airport. After downgrading also his bench was boycotted by the layer in Biratnagar saying the he was corrupted. Due to which he had to take the indefinite leave until his retirement. After his retirement he joined the amless and philosophy less party Madeshi Janaadhikar Forum. Forgetting his blacklisted past,The new coalition of CPN (UML), Nepali Congress and other short vision political parties put him in the position of first vice president of Nepal. Isn't it the matter of ashamed?!
Just after his victory in the post, he has dishonored the motherland and his own mother tongue Maithili. When he administered the oath of the Vice President, he was clad in a dress many identify with Indian parliamentarians, the latter preferred to take it in Hindi. It would not be the matter of condemn if he took the oath in his mother tongue Maithili. But he was speaking in such a way that he was an Indian minister rather than the first vice-president of Republic Nepal.
According to an independent statistics, only 0.05 percent of people living in Terai speak Hindi. The majority of the people there speak Bhojpuri, Maithali, Avadhi and other local dialects. However, even other Madhesi leaders prefer to mostly speak in Hindi during the parliamentary proceedings also.
So I think that this is a matter of grate concern which has put at risk the sovereignty of our country. Don't you think so?????
If yes,
Let's condemn the love for Indian language of the vice president and Madeshi leaders!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finally we got the first pesident of Nepal

Today I am very happy to get the first president of my country. At this moment i am feeling the sovereign citizen. The son of the people is now the head of the country.

In the mean time I would like to remind all of my friends how it has been translated into reality which used to be called dream some years back. Most of the intellect and even political parties(now they dont feel shame to claim that they were the real fighters for this day) used to tease the vision to throw the monarch saying its impossible just 15 years before. Yes, I am talking about the peoples' war!!! it was started putting the vision of this day as the primary demand. The base of the Peoples' Movement II was also the same historical war which has been prooved by history itself. So we should salute those who dared to have the "dream" of this day and those who have given their lives for the same cause.

But we should not forget that the task is not finished.

There is the long way to go yet!!!!

Here is a piece of news of the first president

Dr Ram Baran Yadav has been elected the first president of the federal democratic republic of Nepal.
Dr Yadav, a leader from the southern plains (Maadhes), gained 308 out of 590 votes on Monday’s presidential run-off, while his opponent Ram Raja Prasad Singh got only 282 votes.
The Constituent Assembly (CA) Chairman Kul Bahadur Gurung announced the victory of Yadav at the CA assembly held after the presidential election.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Armed forces ring Nepalgunj Riot Police Battalion

Demanding action against corrupt officials and better treatment of junior staffs Scores of personnel of Armed Police Force and Nepal Police have ringed the Riot Police Battalion in Nepalgunj where 'rebellious' junior police officials holding seven senior officials hostage have been holed up. The District Administration of Banke has declared the surrounding areas around the battalion as riot-torn area and has restricted normal movement of people there. The armed policemen ringing the battalion have not yet brought the rebellious unit to control. As the policemen in the battalion are armed and appear on standby position, the policemen from outside could not immediately intervene to rescue the hostages. Security officials have said that they are ringing the area in order to make the rebellious policemen surrender and not to allow them to flee. Reinforcements from Dang and Surkhet districts have been brought to bring the situation under control. Some reports say that chopper of Nepali Army also made aerial review of the situation. Senior security officials are holding discussion at the Home Ministry to decide ways to deal with the situation. Earlier, Home Minister Krishna Sitaula had instructed Inspector General of Police (IGP) Om Bikram Rana to take disciplinary action against rebellious policemen. He instructed the police chief to ensure maintenance of chain of command and discipline in the entire police force. The junior policemen of the battalion – probably taking a cue from similar revolt in Shamshergunj battalion of Armed Police Force (APF) less than a month ago – held their seniors hostage putting forth 29-

Friday, July 4, 2008

One of the evil forces "Paras" leave for Singapore

One of the evil forces "Paras" leave for Singapore Paras Shah one of the gangsters flew to Singapore. He plans to quit the country following abolition of the monarchy. He reached Tribhuvan International Airport with personal security officials (PSO) and close relatives. Paras's late uncle Dhirendra's son-in-law and close aide of the monarch, Dr Rajiv Shahi, who survived in the 2001 royal massacre, saw Paras off at the airport. Paras was accompanied to Singapore by his brother-in-law Raj Bahadur Singh and Adarsh Bikram Rana. Before he headed towards the airport, journalists asked him if he planned to return, but he only smiled. Paras, who went through the VIP lounge, traveled on an ordinary passport as a common citizen, airport security said. Reports have it that Paras has left for Singapore to set up a permanent base there and he has called for his wife and children to join him after a few days. Some newspapers, on the other hand, speculated that he was heading for Singapore to find a school and a home for his family, but he would not stay there permanently. After the withdrawal of all royal privileges enjoyed by the 240 year-old monarchy, Paras was concerned for the safety of his family. Paras' father Gyanendra became the last king of the Shah dynasty on May 28 when the Constituent Assembly elected the previous month declared the country a republic. With his departure our country Nepal we the Nepali are feeling little bit safe from one of the evil force. Lets hope he will not back and do the harm to us.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Still in Dilemma

Hello Friends!! Our country Nepal is still in political dilemma. We the Nepali people are still waiting for the new Government. There is the dispute among the political parties regarding the power sharing. The parties who had got the less votes and defeated in the CA Election, are claiming for the higher positions in the new government. But the nation is not ready to accept their claims. What the people want is the inclusive and progressive government according to the seats gained by political parties in Constituent Assembly Elections. If the parties with less seats lead the government there would be the violation of the democratic norms and values. Don't you think so? Lets hope all the political parties will acknowledge the mandate of people casted in the vote and help to clear the way for new government.