Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finally we got the first pesident of Nepal

Today I am very happy to get the first president of my country. At this moment i am feeling the sovereign citizen. The son of the people is now the head of the country.

In the mean time I would like to remind all of my friends how it has been translated into reality which used to be called dream some years back. Most of the intellect and even political parties(now they dont feel shame to claim that they were the real fighters for this day) used to tease the vision to throw the monarch saying its impossible just 15 years before. Yes, I am talking about the peoples' war!!! it was started putting the vision of this day as the primary demand. The base of the Peoples' Movement II was also the same historical war which has been prooved by history itself. So we should salute those who dared to have the "dream" of this day and those who have given their lives for the same cause.

But we should not forget that the task is not finished.

There is the long way to go yet!!!!

Here is a piece of news of the first president

Dr Ram Baran Yadav has been elected the first president of the federal democratic republic of Nepal.
Dr Yadav, a leader from the southern plains (Maadhes), gained 308 out of 590 votes on Monday’s presidential run-off, while his opponent Ram Raja Prasad Singh got only 282 votes.
The Constituent Assembly (CA) Chairman Kul Bahadur Gurung announced the victory of Yadav at the CA assembly held after the presidential election.


  1. The post is really realistic
    please keep on putting your visions in contemporary events of nepal.it would help us who are abroad.

    ram niraula

  2. thanks for sharing your inspiration and your thoughts! keep writing!

  3. Yes its really a happy and good news for all of us Nepali citizen .


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