Monday, January 9, 2012

My Office: A Picture Gallery

Uff !!!!!cold. Heater? No electricity. Inverter? Its two years old so I am not fool to expect its support in its full. Sunlight? It's like expecting oil from sand, my cabin at the northern corner of house. Thanks to China for making cheap piles of clothes. Newspapers are making noise beside my cabin. I am just checking my official mail. Regions knock the screen with something new. Office, my office is a picture gallery. One can find inclusive picture around there, people from every walk of life and of every step of ladder.  

Picture 1: Bashu Dai- happy and lighthearted, I assured him for the success of program.
Picture 2: Saroj ji- angry, very angry not with me…………. with electricity. "Cant print the schedule" he murmur.
Picture 3: Ashok- firm and stable in his logic (Its pleasure surprise, he has improved his debate skill).
 Picture 4: Naren- List of questions in a paper. (He seems to be doing mini micro research for his "going to be written" article on "forms of government"). Of course ! handling debate with Ashok too (how can a debate and Naren be saperated?)
Picture 5: Sagar- applying for a job (he normally doesn’t apply, I am happy at my core, at least this particular one has interested him), sagar is untouched by the debate today.
Picture 6: Two visitors- interns from another organization in visit of my office's resource center. (They must have been thought that my office is not weak in brain resource too)
Picture 7: Manda- trying to fix the problem in fax Machine (She could not- how could she? The machine is calling its real doctor)
Picture 8: Urmila didi- copy and paste from Saroj ji (Difference: her complain is she could not fix the problem in cost calculation due to electricity problem)
Picture 9: Shyam ji: inside his room, seems doing some very much important work which can fix our stay at office for more years (he is in the work for one weak)
Picture 10: Anil- just came wet. (Was out for faxing), fixed a participant from a sister organization.
Picture 11: Prityus- wandering to fix the net problem in his laptop. (I am not sure if he has fixed it or not), preparing for pokhara trip
And, and, and
The last picture: Ramesh- trying to adapt himself in a new responsibility, working on a annual report, fixing the participants for program, and and and most importantly snapping the afore mentioned pictures.

I am loving the gallery. I am sure I will be able to add the new colors in this gallery with my skills and experiences being in new responsibility. Now I am adapting myself as the character in the last picture is doing.


  1. Your writing is unique but you have to stress more on spelling dai.

  2. I don't find any picture related to your topic


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