Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let's Condemn the Cruelty in the Name of Religious Belief

It may be the unbelievable event for those who have not heard that still there is the tradition of sacrificing the human being to make so called god happy. The event is not old than 4 days. It was occured in weatern Nepal- Rupandehi, Marchawar. Here is the Detail of the Event.

It was the day of November 23rd. Elder daughter of Mr. Raju Harijan had been Disappeared. She was of 8 years. The parents thought she might have gone to the friends and would return home the next day. They waited till afternoon of 24th of Nov, but she did not return. Raju now started to suspect that something wrong might have taken place to his daughter. He informed the neighbors and asked for help to search his daughter. A group of the village named Marchawar has been formed to search the daughter of Raju, Manisha Harijan.  They searched for 3 hours and found the Dead body of 8 years old Manisha in the side of Cannel Near to the newly build Brick Factory. Her neck was half cut, blood was everywhere in the body and clothes were covering the body as they were before she was lost. Everybody got surprised and socked. They started to think who might have killed her for what purpose?? They went on the gate of the brick factory to ask to the owner whether he had seen something happened since the factory was very much near to the spot where the dead body was found. The name of the factory owner is Birendra Jaiswal. They saw some blood in the gate of the factory. When the villagers tried to enter the factory, he tried to stop them in the gate and asked why they were there? They explained the whole things and asked for the permission to enter the factory. Their logic to enter the factory was to seek the evidence of the murderer because they suspected that the murder might have been taken place inside the factory since they saw the blood in the gate. But he denied their proposal. The people got suspicion that there must be something wrong happened inside. They enter the factory forcefully. They were more socked when they saw the blood near to the chimney of the brick factory. Then they come to a conclusion that Manisha was sacrificed in the opening of the factory to make happy to the god.

Jaishwal is in police custody now. But he is denying that he has sacrificed Manisha for the factory but the villagers are saying that if she was not sacrificed why there is the blood near to the gate and in the chimney? They also had said that there was no any animal sacrificed there in the day time. If there was no animal sacrificed how the bloods come there??

The girl is from so called untouchable caste where the owner of the brick factory is from higher caste.

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