Monday, May 25, 2009

The failed Student Became Board First !!!!!!

Madhav Kumar Nepal has become the prime minister of Nepal. Though he was defeated from two constituencies in the last year's Constituent Assembly (CA) election, he got almost 59 percent vote in Constituent Assembly during the election of PM. However, he was elected unopposed in the position of PM. United Communist Party of Nepal-Maoists (UCPN-M) boycotted the election procedure meeting saying the process of making new government is not in the basis of civilian supremacy. On Saturday's parliamentary meeting, President of Nepali Congress, second largest party, Girija Prasad Koirala proposed him as PM. Koirala said that he is proposing Nepal as PM emphasizing on consensus, co-operation and unity. Other 22 party supported the proposal of Koirala. After the election procedure, Speaker Subash Nembang announced, "Madhav Kumar Nepal was elected unopposed for the position of prime minister." Thinking about Mr. Nepal as PM, two contradictory factors come on my mind. Either the people who rejected him even as MP is wrong or the MPs, the peoples' representative, who choose a man, directly rejected by the people of two constituencies of Kathmandu and Rautahat, as PM. In Nepal, PM is also known as the leader of parliament. The serious question stands here is- what the election means? What does "by the people, for the people and to the people" mean? Outgoing Prime Minister Prachanda, in his final speech to parliament on Friday, said, "It's a plotting by counter revolutionaries under the support of foreign powers." After being elected PM, Mr. Nepal said that he will emphasize consensus to conclude the peace process. He expressed his belief that he will get support by other parties.There are different views about Mr. Nepal as PM. Laymen say it's okay that he is now PM. Their logic is that Mr. Nepal, in his life, had a great dream of being prime minister of Nepal even for a single day. Moreover, the merciful logic is that 'he just wanted to get the title of "former PM" in his life than a successful long term prime minister. Some people say his role to the peace process of Nepal cannot be neglected. His contribution to bring the peace in Nepal deserves the post of PM. And some people say it's a great disregard of the people. "How can a man rejected by people of two constituencies even for MP can be the PM of our country?" some ask.


  1. i read your opinion in your Blogger. yes you can put your voice what you like,because all the people have right of their own opinion. As you said what in the article it can be fight things from your side and im also agree with this but have you eve think that bad things can be good one? it is true that Mr. Madhav Nepal had lose election form two sides and sudennly he left the post of secreterial post of UMl becasuse he fell that it will be not good to be in the post of secretory of UML. as well as whne he lose election,why should PRACHANDA SAID THAT PLEASE MR.MADHAV JEE BE A PART OF THE CONSTITUTION ASSEMBLY???? WHY HE NEVER TRY TO SAY TO OTHER LEADER THAT THEY HAD ALREADY OWN ELECTION??? THIS question also have to think from your side because after losing the constitution assembly Mr.Nepal said he don't want to be a part of constitution assembly,so im sure that you aslo known about the leetter that had given by Prachanda to the Mr.Nepal as saying please be a part of the constittution. so please sometime think positive. because if you think positive you can make positive things and from that we can change the way to make a process for the constitution and for the peace process. im sorry if you didn't understand my view... don't try to cheat with the Madhav Nepal all the time if you did it he will not able to work with tension because Prachanda had left alots of things to do....

  2. Ramesh,

    I agree that the people's mandate isn't being given respected. At the same time, I think the Maoists are avoiding responsibility for their actions. I feel so sad and frustrated by this all!! It seems that politics are completely getting in the way of the best intersts of the Nepali people.

  3. i agree 100% with ramesh jee.
    dear commentators think once and say waas MKN the best candidate for exicutive head?

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