Saturday, January 10, 2009

lets Israel's ongoing military attacks on the people of Gaza.

lets Israel's ongoing military attacks on the people of Gaza.

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Israeli military forces have killed over 540 Palestinians and injured more than 2,450 in the last ten days. Many civilians have been amongst the dead and wounded, including women and children. Targets have included the Islamic University campus, schools, the United Nations Relief & Works Agency buildings (killing 8 students and wounding 19), many mosques and an ambulance. According to the UN, over 13,000 Palestinians have been forced to flee their homes. 4 Israeli citizens have been killed in the last ten days by rockets fired from Gaza.

The Gazan people were already suffering a crippling humanitarian crisis before Israel’s military offensive began. For more than a year Israel has closed Gaza’s borders, which has prevented food, vital medical supplies and other basic necessities entering Gaza. Since the beginning of Israel’s attack, this crisis has deepened. International aid organisations have been unable to enter Gaza with sufficient medical and food supplies to treat the wounded and feed the starving – threatening the lives of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

On New Year’s Eve, Israel defied calls from international leaders, rejecting a proposal from France (as EU President) for a 48 hour ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza.

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators around the world have demanded an end to Israel’s violent assault. On 3rd January, 50,000 marched through the streets of London and several hundred gathered outside Sheffield Town Hall.

What can I do?

Join our Campaign

The Students’ Union is working with the Palestine Society, Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign and others to raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and to campaign for Israel to stop its assault. For up to date information of how you can get involved with our campaign and support the people of Palestine please contact or join the facebook group ‘Sheffield Students Against Israel’s Attack on Gaza’


Hundreds of thousands of people have joined demonstrations across the world to make their voices heard. A national demonstration has been called on Saturday, 10th January in London (see below). Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign will be holding a vigil outside the Town Hall every Saturday at 12:00pm until the killing stops. We will tell you about future plans for protests.

Contact your MP

Demand that they push the government and/or their party to clearly condemn the attack on Gaza. Find your MP at

Monitor the media

Newspapers, TV channels and radio stations have given biased accounts of Israel's attack. They have understated the hugely disproportionate nature of the death toll and favoured Israeli spokespeople over Palestinian ones. Phone in to complain or write a letter or email. TV and radio have laws governing balanced reporting, especially the BBC, so they have to take your concern on board.

See the ENGAGE guide for more information on how to do these things and more.

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