Thursday, June 26, 2008

Congratulation !!!

Hello all of you!! Today I am happy to know that the 'Chhote Raja' GP Koirala has resigned from the post of Primeminister yesterday. We all have to be happy because the Koirala Dynesty was second step of the Monarchy in Nepal. Now I am waiting to the progressive government that will be formed according to the mandate of people in CA Election.


  1. Hey pokhereli Kanchha !
    Really your blogs is very attaractive and catchhe.

    Best of luck.


  2. Hi Rameshji,
    Your view regarding the election of first president in really interesting. Of course, it was the daring decision of the Maoists which paved the way for this great day.
    Although they couldnot succeed to elect their candinate, it was their move which helped to elect a Madheshi as a president instead of GP Koirala and MK Nepal.Congrats.

  3. K chha Ramesh g,
    Nice to meet u on your blog.
    Really good blog.Also thanks for the news of new political situation of Nepal,Arjun


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